Dime Novels

by Marco Machera

The Sky 05:37
He hangs on a full moon He got gracefully higher Where does a dream end? Where does a nightmare start? Up above, the silent shore The sky Stars lie down on the ocean floor The sky He’s one too many Good hearts and hopeless hopes Beautiful nothings A ceiling of blue clouds Up above, the silent shore The sky Stars lie down on the ocean floor The sky
Oh that’s my ugly song, I wrote years ago It’s not on the radio, ‘cause they don’t want you to know How this little tune stupidly goes Oh that’s my ugly song, will make your ears bleed Not quite the average, not what you’d like to hear Oh that’s my ugly song, I wish you could sing Oh what a miracle, that would be That’s dangerous stuff that you need to fear Oh that’s my ugly song, I wish you could say “Oh this is beautiful, I want it to play For however long it takes!” Oh that’s my ugly song, glad you’re still listening That’s just me doing my thing I may as well do this for free There’s another verse you might want to skip Oh that’s my ugly song, it’s a bit of this and that Quite tough to memorize, though easy to forget
Big Juju Man 04:50
Ham on Rye 03:48
One time somewhere, Driving down the crooked road It felt unusual to be singin’ on my own Up n’ about, my heart felt so torn apart I kept clingin’ on to a love that was long gone One time somewhere, I got down to my last dime Well I didn’t mind, I got chances by my side You know what girl? There’s a difference between you and I You’re the mature kind, While I stick to ham on rye One time somewhere…
The solemn scene of a sleepy town While I wander ‘round the silent neighborhood Yearnin’ cats on trash cans The blue light of TV screens The pensive nighthawk on his endless way home Then comes the rain… Out of the blue The branches of a tree against the white light are tied to the neck of the moon The fragrance of freshly-made bread from an open window pane reminds me of some forgotten, desperate blues Then comes the rain… A girl and a man Quietly she says: “hon, it’s alright. Won’t you just rise and shine?” When birds start to sing, we’re here but gone “Hon it’s alright. Won’t you just rise and shine?” We fade away, into the distance We’re tiny points in a beautiful world We dream of better days, while sippin’ coke in a diner at the end of the road
Sing For You 03:22
There are many things I've never told you But you know I did feel that way Ain't it strange How selfish we get sometimes But you know We think everything's alright There's nothing left to say There's no god we can blame How many times We've heard things like that But you know We never really understand When I find you in the night Well, it feels so cold inside You know I've got fears I can't hide I wish I could see you now, smiling I so wish I could see you now, feeling okay I so wish I could tell you now, how much I love you I hope you can see me now... while I sing for you while I sing for you
Hot tramps, boogaloo dudes you rock n'roll chaps, does this make you feel good? Check you out, drumming the air an infectious guitar riff penetrating your head Blow up dolls, sex in the loo your chance to be a star smashing up an hotel room Late nights, neon lights, according to press You got a little high but i don't give it a damn Drink your booze while you get interviewed "Tell me about your love affairs on aerostatic balloons" Whatcha see, is not whatcha get you can't play the guitar but you can fake it so well The hit song you won't bother to write yet another perfect plan for teenagers going wild One, two, three four five, you ran out of words You'd better make up your mind and get rid of the dope Rocker chic, would you scrounge your next meal waiting only for your prada boot heels to be a-wanderin' "Hello guys, are you ready to rock?" that's the number one question you should be asking no more So you like to be stoned and depressed I can tell from your fashion shoots on vanity fair Smoke and drink anyday anytime if it makes you feel tough, well it's totally fine
John Porno 03:47
So here’s John You will see he’s a gentleman When he tries To seduce your wife John’s a lone wolf He thinks no dame Would ever turn him down With sleazy eyes he says: “Buongiorno guys!” So here’s John You know his life is a perpetual lie He’ll make you smile And get on your mind
I know I’ll reach the clear sky I’ll be shifting with the clouds See, my heart is achin’ It’s been beaten up n’ down I’ll fly So high Nothing left to cry for We’ll be smiling all the time Happiness will blossom From the pain that we survive I’ll fly So high


This album is dedicated to the loving memory of my mother, Antonietta Berardi (1952 – 2012)


released January 28, 2014

Produced by Marco Machera

Co-produced, tweaked, mixed and mastered by Francesco Zampi

Featuring Pat Mastelotto (drums), Tony Levin (NS Upright Bass), Cabeki (guitars, lap steel, autoharp, bouzouki), Markus Reuter (U8 Touch Guitar), Jennifer Maidman (cuatro), Francesco Zampi (production, treatments), Pete Donovan (double bass), Kevin Andrews (additional bass)

Recorded between April 2012 and September 2013 in studios across Italy, USA, UK, Austria

All songs written by Marco Machera, except “John Porno” written by Marco Machera and Markus Reuter. Marco Machera © 2014 all rights reserved.

Arrangements by Marco Machera and Francesco Zampi

Cover and artwork design by Marco Lafirenza


all rights reserved



Marco Machera Italy

Marco Machera is an Italian singer-songwriter. He likes to say: “I don’t play music – I make it happen”.

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