One Time, Somewhere

by Marco Machera

Hello 04:01
eyes to the ground can make no sense of anything another day the usual mess that starts again and here I stand invisible, trying not to care why don’t you reach me out and say… hello?
found a cheap hotel in the upper west side ten minutes walk from central park dry weather, thick air the ongoing cars on saturday night could you take a picture of us? just in front of this building here found my cheeseburger heaven! suddenly the light of the day on a ferry to liberty island i’m buying memories, buying them stories left untold moments never shared the things we should have known stories left untold it breaks my heart in two the things we should have done i’m sorry, i don’t speak chinese i got lost in chinatown fancy a dried shrimp, sir? throwing a dim-sum party in canal st somehow back in the upper side we stare at some warhol’s art then step into a cab italy is a nice place isn’t it? saw a rock band playing in a bar, sounds fun as a matter of fact, we should be going now still in time to watch the sun coming up
i still remember sun shining through the ancient trees blue sky saw it all i still remember kids they were playing down the street dreams were almost gone i still remember time that sleeps away once again days of summertime i still remember now the loud ticking of the clock when I was alone i still remember how how i tried to forget couldn’t fill the hole i still remember voices in my head days of summertime days of summertime sweet days of summertime…
big red eyes behind the shades what a day birds of prey upon my head twisting fate bright lights, big city office pain caffeine death need to shave pour a drink put some ice snort the line
El Muerto! 05:20
he walked into the town cowboy boots loud on the ground the old man with the gun soon policemen were all around “there’s no place to hide!”, he said “put the pistol down!”, they yelled broke into some bar he pictured spits and sheriff’s stars he clumsily drew his gun “i'm gonna make you all fucking burn!” and when he fired a shot a fancy “bang!” on a flag was all he got someone fired a shot a bang of death on the head is all he got
Down Below 02:10
i lie awake at night i’m so curious to know what happens down down below there’s a place it has no name way down underground down below, the world is turned upside down
Hire Her 03:46


released January 16, 2012

Produced by Marco Machera

Featuring Pat Mastelotto (drums), Rob Fetters (lead vocals), Francesco Zampi (production, treatments), Mark Kostabi (piano)

Recorded by Marco Machera and Francesco Zampi at the Bunker Home Studio, Latina, Italy, between April 2009 and August 2011, except for: Pat Mastelotto’s drums recorded at "p@’s worm hole", Austin, Texas, USA; Rob Fetters’ vocals recorded at Baby Ranch Mobile, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Mark Kostabi’s piano recorded at Mark’s apartment in Rome, Italy

Mixed and mastered by Francesco Zampi

Art direction, cover and artwork design by Marco Lafirenza

All songs by Marco Machera © 2012 all rights reserved


all rights reserved



Marco Machera Italy

Marco Machera is an Italian singer-songwriter. He likes to say: “I don’t play music – I make it happen”.

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